How to Create Your Own “Garden of Eden”…

"This Mysterious ‘Humus Colloid’ Solution Of A Ukrainian Nobleman Proves 99.99% Of The So-Called ‘Experts’ Are Totally Wrong About How To Grow Healthy Plants!


Now You Can Have Beautiful, Vibrant, Healthy Plants and Ultra-Delicious Fruits And Vegetables (As Nature Intended Them)… Without

Dangerous Pesticides And Fertilizer… Guaranteed!”


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From: Rod Turner, 9.18am

       Dear Friend,

If you want to find out for the very first time how to stop murdering your plants, and to quit poisoning them (and yourself) in the process... then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.


                     Here's why:


Imagine how you would feel to have a garden that’s healthy and glowing with life...

Where the plants hardly ever get any pest problems...

Where the food you harvest fresh tastes better than almost any food you ever tasted before...

Where you can pick up a handful of your soil and breathe in the rich sweet aroma… without the unpleasant odor of fertilizer...

Would you love it if your plants just leapt out of the soil with the vitality of an Olympic athlete in peak competition readiness?

How about having soil so friable and structured that you can dig it with your bare hands? Would you love that too?

Well, now it’s possible to attain all these wonderful, “Garden of Eden” qualities… once you understand what I’m about to tell you.

More on that later, but first, let me give you a little background on how all this came about…

Hello, my name is Rod Turner. I live in the eastern fringe of Melbourne, Australia. As a child, I grew up in the country in a family that was almost self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables, and I learned how to grow and harvest all kinds of stuff.

As I look back on my life during those times, I have fond memories.  Memories of a simpler time, with fewer worries than today.

However, I swore when I left home, I would never, ever touch a spade… or pick another bean… for the rest of my life! I'm sure you've had similar feelings about something like that too.

Well… boy was I wrong! Just as soon as I started living in a house with actual land around it and not surrounded by concrete (funny how nature wants to break down rock… and man just wants to make more!), my fingers got itchy seeing all that soil going to waste. So I started a small vegetable plot and got growing again.

I grew "organically"… just like my parents used to mostly, although they did use a few poisons when pests got out of hand. I made the usual type of compost from kitchen scraps and weeds and all the other stuff you get when gardening. When I went surfing at the beach, I grabbed the odd bag of seaweed to chuck in too. Seaweed has every mineral and trace element in it.

The compost was what I now call the "untidy heap." Just a pile of random stuff turned from time to time with the fork. 

I hated turning that muck. 

I tried a bin too, and man… do those make some vile stuff!

Anyway, I fed the soil with my "compost" and got so-so results. The bugs and snails got half and I got the rest.

I didn't want to use poisons of any kind because it just didn't feel right to dump that toxic stuff on to something I was going to eat!

I Had That Weird Feeling That There MUST be Something Better...

I read up on all kinds of organic gardening, and used some of the tips I found… and did a little better. But not much, mind you!

And then… in one of those strange moments in life when you're not where you normally "are" (I was sick at home watching daytime TV)... I saw a farming program featuring a guy named Alex Podolinsky. I instantly I got a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious), and  knew this was what I had been looking for.

Have you ever met someone with so much confidence in what they are about that you know immediately they are not full of BS?

That was the way I felt about Alex.

I phoned the TV station, got his details and wrote him a letter right there and then… even in my miserable state.

When the answer came back I was amazed.

In writing that was almost unreadable to me (because it "danced" like a Van Gough painting) was "Phone 9897 18xx", and beneath this was the rubber stamped name of Alexei de Podolinsky. (Many years later I learned that Alex was in fact of old Ukrainian nobility, whose family fled Russia during the revolution).

It also turned out that the particular farming program where Alex revealed his gardening “secret” had the most calls to the station of ANY program up until that time… and the station was swamped with letters.

What I Learned Next Radically Changed My Life (and Others) in a Powerful Way...

To my total amazement, I found out that almost ALL plants grown by man today are being force-fed into sickness… and us along with them.

And as it turns out, that’s why we have all the plant and pest problems we do. These plants are sick and… surprise, surprise… old Mother Nature wants to be rid of them!

On the other hand…

Now imagine how you would feel to have a healthy garden, practically glowing with life. Where the plants hardly ever got any pest problems. Where the food you harvested fresh tastes better than almost any food you ever tasted before?

The world’s best chefs seek out food grown this way. Why? Because it makes them famous! Madonna's personal chef even has it flown in wherever she’s on tour.

Can you pick up a handful of your soil and breathe in the rich sweet aroma? Or does it smell a little unpleasant, like fertilizer or probably like nothing at all? Sick soil equals sick plants.

Would you love it when your plants just leap out of the soil… with the vitality of an Olympic athlete in peak competition readiness?

What about having soil so friable and structured that you can dig it with your bare hands? Would you love that too?

Well, all these wonderful, “Garden of Eden-like” qualities you can have… from understanding that the plant has TWO root systems, if given the chance in a natural growing environment...

One for feeding when the sun shines and one for drinking almost pure soil water 24/7.

For healthy pest free, fantastic tasting plants, you must NOT feed plants through the soil water as 99.99% of our "experts" tell us. This mentality supports the huge fertilizer and chemical giants wreaking havoc on our planet!

Plants must be fed naturally through humus of the plant’s free choice in the soil.

Now you might say: “Yeah, I've heard of humus… is that all you're on about?”

OK, can I ask you this? Where do you get your humus from? Not just piddly amounts that may come from the bottom of your current compost… or the smear of it on top of the soil under forest litter. 


I mean cubic yards of the stuff. Mother Nature’s ultimate plant health food in never seen before quality and quantity right there for you in your own garden!

You see, the slimy black goop in the bottom of your airless compost bin is NOT humus.

The fibrous mulch you turn out of your compost tumbler is NOT humus.

You can get a little humus (under the right conditions) from the ad-hoc pile of garden debris, but the fact of the matter is...

True Humus Is A Colloid!

Did I hear a mutter of:  "What the <bleep> is a colloid?"

Simply put, a colloid is a structurally bound suspension of a solid in a liquid. The solid is held in the liquid but it’s "not wet" to touch. Butter and Jello (or jelly) are two very good examples of colloids.

 Humus colloid is up to 75% water… and the plant food is NOT soluble in the soil water, due to the unique living structure of colloidal humus. Plant roots, however, can get WHAT they want, WHEN they want it.

So imagine an entire heap of pure colloidal humus… made WITHOUT turning, WITHOUT a compost bin, WITHOUT a tumbler, and WITHOUT odor problems!


Does your compost look like this?

Would that be OK with you? Having your own ultimate plant health food there for the taking? 

If your compost doesn't look like the rubbery putty in the photo above, you're just wasting your time and effort. You could have true colloidal humus instead.

 So if you've been wasting your time, money and materials (and even your health!) trying to boost your garden’s vitality up until now, then let me show you how you can create the “Holy Grail” of plant nutrition right in your own home… without all the “mess and stress.”

 After using this method for over 23 years (and teaching small groups for over 12 years), I've finally revealed the secrets to everyone on how to create real colloidal humus compost… step by step… and how you will benefit immensely from it.

 Now you can get the complete lowdown in my brand new e-book "The World's Best Compost."

 As you have probably already gathered, I'm a pretty down to earth kinda guy… and I just want to say this book is not just mumbo jumbo. It gives the concise reasons why you need to make colloidal humus compost, how it will benefit you and your family, and how to create it… with step-by-step, “led by the hand” instructions. There are also lots of photos and diagrams, so you’ll know exactly what to do and what to look for.


And… truth be told…


You Can't Find This Method Anywhere Else!


Because even the books and websites that “try” to talk about compost making in any detail, just don't have the goal to produce pure colloidal humus. Their aim is to produce "soil"… not humus.

So they're aiming for the completely wrong target to start with! Or they skip really crucial points and steps. It’s like trying to bake a chocolate cake… without the chocolate!

Successful compost making is both an art and a science. But the artful part can easily be discovered by anyone… if you know how and why.

This ground-breaking e-book is not available anywhere else except from this website.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "The World’s Best Compost"

The method of feeding plants in a totally natural way that results in the tastiest, most divine food you and your family will ever have.


Why you’ll use much less water in your garden using colloidal humus compost (and how you’ll be saving time, money, effort… and even the environment!)


The secret to healthy soil through massive microbial action. (If you could see these microscopic guys at work… there's more action than a Schwarzenegger movie on crack!)


The shameful, “sheep mentality” almost all agriculture and garden advisors suffer from… that costs you time and money using dangerous, toxic gardening and horticulture practices (and is murdering our planet in the process!)


How to develop a soil that "feeds itself" so you always get consistent results.
Revealed at last! How to create compost WITHOUT a bin that doesn't repulse you (or your neighbors) with the smell. (In fact, when your neighbors see what fantastic, trouble-free results you’re getting in your garden, you may have to keep your compost under lock and key!)
Enjoy watching your compost heap create colloidal humus day by day WITHOUT the back-breaking effort of turning. (That way you'll have much more energy to do the things you really enjoy!)

Why adding worms to your compost is totally unnecessary if you build it right. Our kids call our compost "The Free 5-Star Hotel For Worms"   (plus you'll have plenty of bait for fishing if you want!)


Achieve soil so structured and friable you can dig it with your hands! (Imagine how easy it will be with a garden fork…)
How to create enough life-giving compost in one day to last you an entire year. (Now THAT’S value for effort!)
How your colloidal humus compost holds your plant nutrients like super glue holds your fingers together! (So with every rain or watering, you're not washing them away to cause big problems in our waterways).
The sad fact why many "organic" gardeners fertilize their plants the way chemicals do, and they don't even know it. (Don't let your misguided good intentions get you into hot water!)
Discover how a plant really feeds if you give it half a chance (and the difference is like indoor feedlots vs. wild deer in the forest…)
Stop the insanity! Most growers have to pour high amounts of poison on their gardens to try and thwart Mother Nature! (Health-giving compost stops this senseless practice like a 45 slug between the eyes…)
Why your plants are probably "too wet" on the inside, causing a multitude of fungal problems that you can easily avoid by doing even less work! (Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource. Lack of time levels the greatest of men and women… just the same as you and me).
Why healthy produce grown in harmony with Mother Nature stays fresh and inviting for much longer than any factory farmed (manufactured) pulp passed off as food today! (Once you taste your own REAL food you'll never want to look at that other stuff again…)
It's a proven fact that insect pests are attracted to unhealthy plants. You'll find how to enliven your plants with colloidal humus… and let the bugs go “bug” someone else!

Why you'll soon have all your gardening, non-gardening friends and neighbors “fluoro-green” with envy with your glowing garden and exquisitely flavored produce. (Your "foodie" friends will wonder how the hell you make everything taste soooooooo good!)
Why naturally grown food is far more satisfying to you than what you used to get. (This is the "hidden" reason for the growing obesity problem of the western world. Your "as Mother Nature intended" food will fortify the long term health of you and your loved ones!)
How food grown naturally with colloidal humus compost contains far more vitamins, minerals and life-giving energy than any other food. (You’ll also need less to satisfy your hunger!)
FACT: Healthy, problem free, glowing plants grown with colloidal humus are great things of beauty. Now you can awaken your latent appreciation for Mother Nature and her wonderful ways.
How all the benefits and uses of what is normally called compost these days (such as antifungal teas and such like) are greatly magnified and enhanced by using true colloidal humus compost you can easily make for yourself. (In fact, you can't buy it anywhere as everyone who makes it wants it all for themselves!)
How you can achieve a final compost that has 10 times the plant nutrient you put in to start with! (Isn't that like making gold from lead? Nature’s true Alchemy…)


And that's just a fraction of the gold you'll discover in "The World’s Best Compost" because... 

You’ll Also Want the Answers to These Burning Questions… 

What's the absolute best material that should be in every compost? (If it's not… then you've just put in a lot of work for a very inferior result!)


Why is colloidal humus compost so effective, its benefits can be seen up to 30 years later from a single application? (Everyone needs a piece of this action!)


Why is composting your kitchen and garden waste in this way the most environmentally sound way of disposing of it? (In fact, instead of this stuff going to land fill, you are healing our damaged planet!)


Why is hydroponics as far from natural growing as you can get? (It looks nice, but so can embalmed bodies!)


Why do compost tumblers serve you up a mere ghost of what you really need? (Besides, they’re a total waste of money… if you want compost that actually feeds your plants!)


What's the peak time of soil structuring power and effectiveness in the life of your compost? (I have only seen this mentioned TWICE in my entire 28 year study of composting!)

With just a little practice, you’ll be able to turn out world-class compost… just like I do.

Then wouldn't you have a fantastic chance of living in your own Garden of Eden?

And next season your friends, neighbors (and dinner party guests) will drool in envy… for a variety of reasons.

That's why you should own this e-book today! (In fact, you can be reading it 5 minutes from now!)

(Payment is processed by ClickBank. All you need is a credit card, or Pay Pal account. It's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Let me ask you…

  Do your children (or any other people you know of for that matter) strip your garden and fruit trees because their product tastes so good? (OK, well… still not the Brussel sprouts, but close!) I'm sure Mother Nature made fruit trees taller than kids (and not too easy to climb) so us adults with a ladder can get some too!

And I've gotta tell you about the neighbors...

You've heard the saying "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence"? Well at our place it always is greener. 

Our neighbors’ place is a little higher up the hill than ours, so they can see our garden (as well as their own) from their house. Our neighbors like to have a nice garden too, but they don't seem to spend a lot of time there. They employ a gardener to try and make it look as good as ours (although I must admit ours is a little more "untidy" and natural).

Well, they spend thousands every year fertilizing, planting and keeping it watered in our hot summer. And everything looks OK for a while… until the fertilizer "runs out" and it all falls down, even with huge amounts of water. 

The colloidal humus in our soil stays moist much longer… as it hangs onto water like you hang onto the safety rail on a roller coaster ride! It's always there as food and drink when the plants need it.

After some years, my neighbor finally asked how we get our garden so green and vibrant. So I told him why in a nutshell. Well, he just seemed to clutch the word “compost” as the “magic bullet” for his place. Next thing we know there's a whole truckload of commercial compost delivered… and the poor gardener scrambled around, spreading it everywhere.

Now my neighbor is baffled… because he put on the "compost" and his garden still looks no better! What he doesn't know is his plants can't feed naturally from their stunted root systems. Also, there is almost no humus in commercial compost. It's just "mulch.”

So for us it's quite a joke, because the grass IS always greener, but on OUR side of the fence.

Anyway, moving on…

I Guess By Now You're Getting a Little Uneasy About the Price?

So what's something this good worth to you?

First of all, the information in this e-book takes you concisely through, step by step,  how to create colloidal humus compost that skyrockets plant health and produces fabulous flavor in your garden… within just weeks of applying it. It also details why you need to. 

The methods described here have only been available through full one-day workshops costing $200, and only to the handful of folks who can actually travel to us (some have driven over 1,000 miles to be here). We only run a few each year as well, due to the time commitment involved.

 Everything in the e-book is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out. 

Never before has this method been documented in such detail and clarity for you to follow so easily. OK, some of the hand drawn diagrams won't make it to a gallery, but the photos more than make up for them I think.

Which is why "The World's Best Compost" is such a steal at $37.77.

Yes, just a fraction of what it's really worth… and what it would cost you to travel and take part in a workshop (if you can make it here in the first place).

Why should I make it so affordable?

Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low… and we truly need healthier gardens, people and farms.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash

So without printing and distribution costs, I can make it affordable for everyone (and you don't have to spend an entire day attending a workshop only run several times a year).

$37.77 is a drop in the ocean compared to what it could cost you by not knowing the real secrets of making colloidal humus compost and feeding your plants naturally.

How much money are you prepared to waste on useless tumblers that cost $150 (for one that won't last)… to $400 or more for a decent one? The kicker is that you produce only mulch, not true compost.       

How much do you spend on water-soluble "fertilizers" that make you and your plants sick? I'll bet at least $100.

How much do you spend on fungicides and insecticides to keep your plants merely "looking" healthy? I know for a fact they’ll cost you at least $70 a year… to poison yourself. And what value do you place on your time and effort to "tame" Mother Nature with them?

How often do you eat out? Even only one decent meal of take-out for the family is going to cost you at least twice what you can buy this e-book for… and you’ll have your own better tasting gourmet food at home.

Finally, what price do you put on your health?

I could go on, but those are just a few reasons why "The World’s Best Compost" is such a bargain.

But it gets even better…

I’m going to make this be an even bigger bargain for you. Remember, you’ll be one of the very first people in the entire world to receive this breakthrough resource. And because it’s brand-new, you are getting the “first-mover advantage” of this extra special introductory price.

But I’ll let you have the “The World’s Best Compost” for this price only if you let me know what you think of the material… and especially the great results you get.

You see, once I have a good collection of great testimonials from very satisfied customers, the price for this information will ratchet up to $45, $65… or even higher.

So if you’re quick, you’ll save some bucks.

Hey wait a minute, don't take MY word for it.

Here's what Peter Cundall, the host of Australia's top TV gardening program.. Gardening Australia, had to say about Biodynamic colloidal humus compost

"You know I absolutely love compost! You can use it with great safety in any part of the garden. But when it comes to biodynamic compost. Well...... I reckon you can put it on your bloomin muesli in the morning and you can hear it doing you good!"


Peter Cundall - Host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia


And don't worry if  for any reason you're not happy with what you discover, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

 60 Day



Yes, you read it correct! 

 Hey, you're my customer and if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. Put me to the test. If you don't find the truth about natural plant feeding and how to make the ultimate colloidal humus compost with no bins, no tumblers, no turning (just love that) and no bad smells. I don't want.... or expect.... to keep your money. Just whip me off an email and I'll happily refund your money right away in full. (in fact I'd feel bloody embarrassed to keep it).

In fact you can even get a refund directly from Clickbank for a full 60 days without me even involved.


But... the book is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from me!


That Okay? You can't lose!

You keep the book AND your money if you're hot happy in any way

Can't get any fairer than that don't you agree?

You have no risk whatsoever except missing out on this essential information

But I tell you what I'll also do to make this the best investment in yourself and your garden you ever make.

I'm going to throw in some FREE bonuses which could literally turn you into a gardening wizard with even more very unique knowledge.

You see just making the ultimate compost could be just one of your new found skills. Safe to say, even the best gardeners in the world can always learn more. Isn't that true?

So if you grab your copy of "Worlds Best Compost" right now  here's what I'll throw in for a very limited time (and yes these are worth more in dollar terms than the whole book)

Free Bonus Items Valued at $232!

But they're only guaranteed available until midnight  


Free Bonus #1

(Value $29.97)

Mysteries of Pruning Revealed

When I found this book I tell you I got really excited. Why? Because I haven't seen an exposé on ALL aspects of pruning ANYTHING like this in my life! This thing is like the bible on pruning and tree surgery. What's more it was written during the time when organic culture was the norm, so all the practices and amazing tips in the 330 pages reflect the best culture for natural management.

From the principles of pruning and plant physiology  to rejuvenating neglected trees  it's all in here so you'll have it forever at your fingertips.

In fact I reckon even if you couldn't read, the 325 photos would be enough to get a decent enough education on this essential subject. Take advantage of this bonus now because as soon as I get organized this ebook will be sold for $29.97 and you won't see it here.



Free Bonus #2

(Value $27.77)

Professional Secrets to Stunning Azaleas

Covers EVERYTHING you need to know about growing stunning healthy Azaleas that your friends and neighbors would die for! How to propagate your own plants and even how to sell them for a profit.
  • How do you fertilize for maximum blooms?
  • What soil conditions must you have?
  • How to select Azaleas to avoid massive disappointment
  • What varieties thrive in your climate?
  • How do you  prune for maximum blooming?
  • Will Azaleas grow in full sun?

Are just a glimpse of the nuggets you will discover in here

Again, this great ebook will be marketed separately very soon and you will have to buy it if you want it.



Free Bonus #3

(Value $25.00)

Wonder Plants and Plant Wonders

300 pages of startling fact after startling fact about weird and wonderful plants, their strange habits, amazing uses and cultural practices of original native discoverers.

Some of the uses may have fallen by the wayside with our modern petrochemical manufacturing, but when the oil runs'll know what to do!

  • What do bats have to do with high grade Java coffee? (perhaps you'll look at that latté with a new respect)

  • Thought plants weren't intelligent? (I hope you don't get nightmares)

  • One mans food, another mans.....

  • The amazing inventiveness of man to make alcohol out of anything!

  • The strange stories of how some of our most effective medicines came about

  • How the hell did the Aztecs, Mayas and Incans EVER discover how to make chocolate from that?

  • When did the oh so popular tomato be recognized as even edible (by European style cultures). (lets just say your great grandma probably never made bolognaise)

       And I could go on and on but we're here to learn about real compost right?


Free Bonus #4

(Value $100.00) Limited to the first 30 people who purchase

Six months of my personal coaching on compost making.....

so that you hone your composting skills by asking anything you want!

You'll be given a special "members only" direct email address to contact me personally with your biggest questions.

Obviously I have limited time, so this bonus is only available for the first 30 folk who get in quick. Don't be number 31. I simply can't cope with any more than 30.


Free Bonus #5

(Value $25.00)

4 Online Videos Detailing the Secrets of Correct Cultivation

Even the word's best compost is next to useless  if your soil is an airless cesspit.

Soil biology and plant roots need air to survive and thrive.

If you cultivate in the wrong way, with the wrong tools or under the wrong conditions  you kill off your soil. To repair the damage may take years.

In these videos I show the principles of correct cultivation and what you need to be doing so that you don't become a soil murderer too! Correct cultivation enhances soil life and soil structure for increased plant vigor and health. Don't waste your beautiful compost on soil you killed.

Free Bonus #6

(Value $25.00)

 5 Online Videos On Creating Colloidal Humus In Your Soil WITHOUT Making Compost

Yes, you read it right! You can get most of  the benefits of  colloidal humus into your soil without having to make compost. With the technique I outline in these videos you will produce humus directly in the soil and greatly improve your soil biology levels. 

Now of course you don't get the same quantity of humus as with compost, but for those with small yards and gardens,- even patio gardens- , there is a way that's even less work than making the compost.

Phew...that's some list of FREE Gifts, right?

These bonuses are worth every cent of their $232 value, but hey, congratulations, they're yours FREE if you order quickly.

Because these bonuses won't be there for very long.

I'll be pulling them down shortly and marketing them as separate items on their own, just as soon as I get the time to write the web pages for them. Boy I wish I had more time right now!

As you can see they're great value. So if you want them for nada, nix, nothin, naught, then get in quick and order now

Wishing you great success in your life and your garden,


        Rod Turner

P.S.  If you want the most delicious, problem free, glowing plants and soil then you need to make colloidal humus compost. "The World's Best Compost" is the ONLY step-by-step guide available to make this ultimate plant and soil food, without turning, without bins, without tumblers and without odor.

It’s a no-brainer really… because if by some remote possibility you don't get what you want from the e-book, you get your money back, no questions asked… AND you get to keep the book and any bonus items.

P.P.S.  Without the information contained in this short, concise e-book, you’re truly murdering your precious plants by using the “same-old” techniques of the so-called gardening “experts.”  So why continue to poison your plants (and yourself!) any longer? Get this little-known secret in your hands today.

P.P.P.S.  And the $232 of bonus items themselves are worth almost 7 times your investment in the e-book alone! But they may not be available after .

P.P.P.P.S.  Finally, there are only 6 possible reasons NOT to get “The World’s Best Compost” value-loaded package today. Let me help you with those…

1. I have no time to make this stuff

Well I'm with you on the time thing! All I can say is if you spend ANY time in your garden, you can't afford WASTING it by NOT feeding your plants as nature intended with colloidal humus.

You'll actually spend less time mollycoddling your not-so-healthy plants, along with fighting pest and disease problems, replanting the failures and perhaps watering 3 times as much. Instead spend just one day a year constructing a colloidal humus compost heap and reap the time benefits (and wonderful food) for the rest of the year.

2. I have no money

Can you afford to eat?

 Then you can afford this material! You're already wasting buckets of cash by NOT using colloidal humus compost in your garden. Getting the “The World’s Best Compost” package today will actually start to SAVE you money, by not having to buy all that other stuff you rely on now.

3. I don't believe you

That's fine! Try it out and prove I'm wrong. You can't lose with the guarantee. You can only be a winner.

4. I can't do physical work

Can you get out of bed in the morning?

Everything in this unique method can be done by almost anyone. I personally know 83 year-olds who make this stuff… and I've seen a double leg amputee make it as well (about as fast as I can, I have to say). You don't have to move a mountain at a time, just small amounts at your own pace. You will also save 1/3 of the effort with my labor-saving mixing technique. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

5. I don't need this stuff

Well I'm sorry to say this, but… you're probably fooling yourself. If you’re not feeding your plants in a totally natural way with humus, then you're either poisoning your plants, your soil and yourself… or not feeding your plants and soil in the first place. What's it to be?

6. This won't work for me

If you are thinking this, then you simply don't want to try it for some reason. It's just an excuse to justify not wanting to. So why don't you want to? Are you scared of change? Will this method of plant nutrition undermine your long held fixed beliefs?


Bottom line, it works for everyone who WANTS to try it in a genuine way. Besides, you have my complete, no-hassles, money-back guarantee.

 What's left?

Unless you’re already using this method to make the ultimate natural plant food and have a garden radiating with life and health… then you simply need to take action right now and grab this package -- today. Don't put it off any longer.

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